Assistant Vice Resident
Labor Relations
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
2600 Lou Menk Drive
P.O. Box 961030
Fort Worth, Texas 76131-0030
Telephone: (817) 352-1024

March 31,1997

Mr. J. D. Fitzgerald
General Chairman
United Transportation Union
400 East Evergreen Blvd., #217
Vancouver, WA 98660

Dear Sir:

This letter confirms our understanding regarding Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company's fourteen hour rest agreement.

Without diminishing any existing rules concerning ground service employees requesting additional rest at the home terminal, the following provisions will apply on a voluntary basis in unassigned through freight service:

1. A conductor or trainman in pool unassigned through freight service tying up at the home terminal, who have accumulated eight or more consecutive hours chargeable to the Hours of Service law, including continuous time trips of eight hours or more, may request to have prior to his next trip, fourteen hours of rest at home terminal, and his request must be panted by the Carrier.

2 . A conductor and/or trainman's request for fourteen hours rest under this agreement shall be made to the crew caller at the time the conductor and/or trainmen ties up.

3. A rest period granted under this agreement cannot later be revoked by the employee or taken away by the Carrier and must be for fourteen hours.

4. It is understood that conductors and/or trainmen taking fourteen hours rest pursuant to this agreement may be run around by following conductors and/or trainmen without penalty during the fourteen-hour period.

5. A conductor and/or trainman tied up for rest under this agreement will not be considered as having missed a call if called outside of the applicable calling time for fourteen hours rest.

This agreement will become effective April 1,1997 and will remain in effect until canceled by either party with a 60-day advanced notice.

Signed at Fort Worth, Texas this 31st day of March, 1597.

/s/ JD Fitzgerald /s/Daniel J. Kozak