and Between Between Case No Date Description Subject Eff Date Expires linktofile File No Notes Title Type Scanned Local General Committee Division Rules Affected Sen Dist Schedule Other Docs
UTU BN BN 10/25/72C 10/25/1972 Switching Limits, Sioux Falls, SD Switching Limits 12/26/1972
Agreements\1972-09.pdf 1972-09 Signed GC M.M. Winter, GC A.M. Stroman, GC George J. Kelley Agmt GO Yes
Locomotive Firemens Rule 18r
Switchmans Rule 58b

UTU BN JG-84(s3) Devils Lake 5/4/1988 Extending the West switching limits at Devils Lake. When trainmen are required to switch Farmland Industries at Devils Lake from the west lead they will be allowed an additional four line miels. extending switching limits 5/4/1988
Agreements\1988-02.pdf 1988-02 Signed by MM Winter Ltr GO Yes

5/4/1988 Location of switching limits at Devils Lake, ND will be 24,529 feet west of the depot (MP 90 of the 5th Dakota Subdivision. switching limits 5/1/1988 Railway Labor Act Agreements\1988-01.pdf 1988-01 Signed by MM Winter Memo of Agmt GO Yes
386 Dakota

6/28/1995 Pasco, WA General Switching limits. Burbank Subdiv. MP 2.9 and Old Martindale Branch - to the east siding switch at Martindale, MP 238.3 Pasco, WA General Switching limits 8/15/1995
Agreements\1995-02.pdf 1995-02 Signed by J.D. Fitzgerald Letter GO Yes 1637 386

UTU (CTS&E) BN BN 3/9/73 D 3/9/1973 Switching Limits, Bend, OR extended south from Oregon Trunk MP 151.92 to GN MP 3.31 Switching Limits, Bend, OR 4/1/1973
Agreements\1973-04.pdf 1973-04 Signed by MM Winter and HJ Carstens Memo of Agmt GO Yes 1637 386

UTU BNSF File# 10802 6/16/2003 General Switching Limits Extension Whitefish, MT. General Switching Limits Extension Whitefish, Mt 7/1/2003
Agreements\2003-09.pdf 2003-09 Signed by J.D. Fitzgerald ltr GO Yes

BLE and UTU BNSF OPS 197-04 8/31/2004 Spokane, WA Switching Limits with Side letters 1, 3 and 4 (Is a copy of UTU and BLET in file) Spokane, WA Switching Limits 9/1/2004 Railway Labor Act, as amended Agreements\2004-26.pdf 2004-26 Signed UTU: J.D. Fitzgerald, D.B. Snyder, R.D. Kerley Memo of Agmt GO Yes 1238

4/1/2006 Portland/Vancouver switching limits Portland/Vancouver switching limits 4/1/2006 Railway Labor Act Agreements\2006-04.pdf 2006-04 Signed J.D. Fitzgerald, R.D. Kerley, approved John W. Babler Memo of Agmt GO Yes

9/7/1967 location of west switching limits at Wahpeton, ND, will be 13,164 feet west end of depot on the Casselton Line (Engineering station 173 plus 93) switching limits 9/15/1967 Railway Labor Act Agreements\1967-09.pdf 1967-09 signed by GC MM Winter Memo of Agmt GO Yes

5/31/1962 location of switching limits at Klamath Falls, OR will be 17,000 feet west of Bieber Line Junction. switching limits 6/15/1962 Railway Labor Act Agreements\1962-12.pdf 1962-12 Signed by GC R.K. Foster Memo of Agmt GO Yes

1/7/1964 North switching limit at Wenatchee, WA will be 30,853 feet north of Wenatchee Depot on the W-O Line (Engineering station 172 plus 60). Also work train service at Olds Gravel pit will continue to be performed by road crews switching limits 1/20/1964 Railway Labor Act Agreements\1964-22.pdf 1964-22 Signed by GC R.K. Foster Memo of Agmt GO Yes

1/29/1962 The location of the East switching limits at Minot will be 4,034 feet east of the east end of depot at Surrey, ND on the Devils Lake Line Switching limits 2/2/1962 Ralway Labor Act Agreements\1962-10.pdf 1962-10 signed by GC R.K. Foster Memo of Agmt GO Yes

12/16/1969 West switching limit at Helena, MT will be 12,948 feet west of the west wye switch switching limits 1/5/1970 Railway Labor Act, as amended Agreements\1970-03.pdf 1970-03 signed by M.M. Winter Memo of Agmt GO Yes